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Trade Your Amazon Gift Cards For Cash in South Africa

Amazon Gift Cards are prepaid stored-value money card issued by Amazon to be used for transaction instead of using cash. You may have gotten one and want to change it for cash. These gift cards can be exchanged for cash or used to place orders. This article will be your guide to sell your gift card in SA.

There are many places and people who want to buy these cards in South Africa. Some dealers can also trade it for bitcoins, paypal funds, for cash or other gift cards. Dealers are nationwide and can be reached without much stress. Many people go for these gift cards because it is relatively cheaper than using their credit cards.

Trade with OneX BTCOneX BTC is an online Amazon Gift card dealers that accept amazon gift cards from many countries. They accept 50-100$ Itunes gift card if your card value is more than 100$. To trade your Amazon Gift card for cash, OneX BTc is an online dealer you should try.

They also accept these cards Amazon USA, Google play, Itunes USA, Steam UK, US, CAD, AU…

Get Free USA Phone Number in South Africa

Many have thought how possible it is to get a United States of America phone number in South Africa. It is 100% accessible in the South African territory. You may have probably ran into sites and applications that can get you a United state phone number in SA, but in most cases they are not free.

This article will give you a step by step guide on how to get a USA phone number in SA. But before we continue, it is worth noting this article is solely for educational purpose alone. Readers are responsible for the way they use this tutorial.

Having said that, we will need an application called Textplus. This android application helped me through getting a U.S.A phone number for free right in the shores of South Africa. No matter your location in SA. Many online transactions require USA number to be complete, such as the amazon affiliate registration etc.

Get Free USA Phone Number in SA
The TextPlus Android application is required in this tutorial, just click on this link to download the app. Y…

List of Top 5 Richest Men in SA - 2018

Many wealthy individuals, organizations and firms in Africa have South Africa as their origin. There is no doubt as the second most richest man in the African Continent is a South African. South Africa is the country with the second largest economy with GDP of 15.94% and Nigeria first with 17.17% (wikipedia).

Some argue that the South African economy is a factor that have aided these men through their finance. Since the richest man in Africa Alhaji Aliko Dangote (Forbes Magazine) is a Nigerian and the second is a South Africa. Today, we will be discussing the richest men in South Africa, 2018 and their Net worth.

List of the top 10 Richest Men in South Africa 2018 and their Net worth.

1. Nicky Oppenheimer
The richest man in South Africa is Nicholas F. Oppenheimer. He was born on the 8th of June, 1945 (73 years old). Currently he is the richest man in South Africa and ranked second in Africa. The billionaire and philanthropist is the ex-chairman of De Beers diamond mining company. Nicholas…