University Of Ibadan: Gee Joke vs Sultan Not having beef but Stunt to attract shows

Popularity indeed is what all Celebrity desire anywhere in the world, well University Of Ibadan is not an exception. There are many Upcoming Celebrities and also many talented students in the Community, this turns out a challenge to the popular Celebrities already in the University.
Sultan and Gee jokes claim to hold grudges against one another. The beef which suddenly started this Semester between the Comedian - Gee jokes and Rapper - Sultan is nothing but a stunt. The two popular  student artistes desire more fame in the Community due to the upcoming activities in the University Community this semester.
 University of Ibadan: Gee joke vs Sultan Stunt

After so much studying and Jacking in Unibadan First Semester, Students make time for fun and joliment  in the second Semester through Hosting events - dinners, Asun Night, Cultural Night and more. This second semester is known to be the Entertaining Semester. For this events to be a success, celebrities and event planners in the University community will surely be needed. According to Denrele, a popular TV presenter and Cross dresser, "Sell your Market", he continues to say, whatever you can do, find a way to make it known.  Sultan and Geejokes are doing just that. Do you want prove? According to an interview with the press, Sultan Challenged Gee jokes to Stage a battle with Him. Settling the Beef on a stage is all they needed and that's where all their beef is leading to. Before beef and now Stage battle, don't you think stage battle would result to more beef? My people "Sell your Market"

Here's what Sultan said on an interview:

"The sulty brand is iconic. It is not just about me, its an empire. I am proud to say I am blessed to have the most loyal fans in the world. The people form my roots and origin. They spur me to action each and every time. I am aware that my fans are angry, in fact very angry at Gee Jokes. I sincerely plead on his behalf; he is a boy and he has alot to learn. I have no issues with him that's why I have been silent. I would love to answer and grant the request of all my loyal fans to actually settle this beef on stage. So now, I am calling Gee jokes out on stage to come out and perform comedy for one full hour and while I also perform for my fans for one full hour. Let's then see who truly has the fans heart beat and who can thrill his fans the most. I hope you are man enough to accept this challenge. Then I would settle and know that you know your craft so well as you claim and also to my fans, I love you all deeply and your support has been crazy.. Please I repeat don't tear jokes apart

Your Choice count is it a beef or Stunt.
University Of Ibadan: Gee Joke vs Sultan Not having beef but Stunt to attract shows University Of Ibadan: Gee Joke vs Sultan Not having beef but Stunt to attract shows Reviewed by Trace BaBa on November 14, 2017 Rating: 5

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