Things that will 100% maybe happen in 'Game of Thrones' Season 8

Game Of Thrones season 7, is come and gone but there were annoying, amazing, shocking, suspense filled scenes in the movie. There were scenes that made everyone speechless. I made a prediction for the Game Of Thrones Season 7, and got 5 correct out of 10 that's like a 50% success rate.

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Therefore to reduce the suspense of waiting for Season 8 of Game Of Thrones, I came up with some Predictions and Review on what should be expected from the next season. There is no guarantee that they will come true but there is a high possibility for them to.
From the happenings from the past seasons, here are what to be expected in the next Season Of Game Of Thrones.

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1. Theon will die to save his sister, Yara
There was an argument on social media that Theon is now the drowned god. Although he is without special powers. Remember that earlier in Season 7,  Theon got fished out of the water, and his fight in the finale, proves how indestructible he currently is. I think credit should be given to Jon Snow after Theon met him at Dragon Stone, he changed his view and thought about who he is and life as well.
 Well, that will make sense since every on had given up on Him, Theon, so saving Yara will make  change everyone's view about him. The last time, Theon he was on his way rescue Yara, and he's got a pretty chance to succeed. I think he may have to kill his uncle first, and he may die doing it.

2. Melisandre will be killed by Arya.
Now that Little finger has been executed, Arya is can't just stand Idle. She has to resume her assassination as soon as possible. Recall  that She had names of foes to be executed on her list, therefore she needs to resume work asap. Cersei for sure will not be at the side of Daenerys and will try to double cross her, that will trigger Arya's Assassin mode, I think she will satart her jorney South again at the Beginning of Season 8 to get to the Queen.
We are aware that Cersei is not the only one on her list. At a point Melisandre was, too, the Red Queen's remark to Varys about dying in Westeros is true, that means that the Red Queens end will be in Season 8.
If by any chance Arya knows that Melisandre in the area, maybe she'll have to end her life there.

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3.Arya To end the Reign of Queen Cersei.
It is kind of difficult to conclude. I also suggests that Jaime or Tyrion will kill Cersei. But most fans think that the end of cercei will be from the Starks and the perfect person for the job is Arya. I think Arya will kill Cersei while disguised as a Lannister.
Jaime is on the same side with the Starks,therefore she could take his or Tyrion's face to get closer to the queen. Then the Prophesy would be Fulfilled and Arya end her Assassin's arch in a bad girl way.

4. Daenerys will bare a Child for Jon.
"Dragons are my children, They're the only children I'll ever have." This was Daenerys speaking to Jon in Season 6 but in Game Of Thrones no line of dialogue is there by accident. If you recall what Tyrion Lannister told her for the importance of seeking a successor, that means we've got a shot.
Daenerys will find out she's pregnant in the final season and that will ensure the continuity of the Targaryen line.

5. The final battle will take place at Winterfell.
 Everything begun at Winterfell and that also gives us a clue that everything will come to at that location. It makes sense logistically, possibility, the Night King and his dead army are likely to get held up near the Wall for sometime, but later they will journey to Winterfell.
 It's as well the place most characters are heading to so that may be the perfect place to end everything.

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6. Jon Will Fly A Dragon.
The prophecy Daenerys received in the House of the Undying made refference to dragon with "three heads",and Now the Night king has a dragon, Daenerys on one then the Dragon left is most likely to be flown by Jon Snow. What do you think who is likely to ride the third?

7. This will also be the End of Jon.
Jon reaches Winterfell with his Newfound Love Daenerys only to be told that she is his aunt. 

The lord of the Light brought Jon Snow back to life for a reason, which everyone thinks is to save the world of men from the walkers and perhaps continue his bloodline. Once he is done with the mission he is likely to return back to the Lord of the Light.

8. Daenerys will create a New world.
The war against the Night's King will end up as a victory, Jon Snow will be dead therefore Daenerys will destroy the Iron Throne because of her unborn child, she won't want her child to live in the world of pain and death. After destroying everything she will create a new society for her unborn Child and her line to come.

9. The Iron Bank to Disappoint Cersei.
Cersei believes that money in the Iron Bank will solve all she needs to rule the seven kingdoms and the Lannisters still owe the Iron Bank - as Daenerys destroyed all they needed to pay back their debt during their encounter.
Things that will 100% maybe happen in 'Game of Thrones' Season 8 Things that will 100% maybe happen in 'Game of Thrones' Season 8 Reviewed by Trace BaBa on November 07, 2017 Rating: 5


  1. The Hound will fight the mountain
    The walkers will fight Jon snow and his people at westros not Winterfell

    1. like I said before everything started in Winterfell and i think everything will end right there that's just common sense

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. The Walkers will Kill Tyrion

    1. Thyrion lannister cannot die in the movie since he has struggled so hard to live I still think he won't die yet

  3. l think Tyrion Lannister will say Jammie'slide in the war front to prove his useful

  4. Cersei will not die she will continue to rule the seven kingdoms and will kill Daenerys for sure...
    I love Cersei

    1. It's her fate to die, are you commenting bcos u like her or based on what ought to happen

  5. Will game of thrones finish in Season 8?

  6. Is the Series based on any book please if yes let me know the book I will like to download it...Thanks

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