How to increase your SEO rank on Google: How To Optimize Post Images For SEO

Did you know that Blogspot is a not only a free unlimited hosting platform?, but is also fully Search Engine Optimized, all you need to do is know the right steps to implement and fully activate the SEO for your BlogSpot blog. This will be possible with constant practice and also checking your stats and boosting your SEO skills, This tutorial also will also guide you on how to rank so high on Google and other Search Engines. Its every blogger's dream to rank on Google front page, so you too can, just follow this simple trick and SEO guide...

 How to optimize images on your blog: Rank high on search engines


Uploading Images on your Blogspotblog is not just for your blog readers and visitors but also for search engines optimization aswell. Maybe the images on your blog is just there and not being optimized and that will be a great a hindrance on all the efforts towards SEO and its practices. Images also have a high ranking power so I advice you use it wisely.

For your blog's rank to improve positively, and for you to increase your blog's organic traffic preventing drawbacks to your blog should be your number one (1) priority, thus not optimizing images on your blog is a draw back that needs to be fully avoided. Like I've earlier discussed images are uploaded on your blog for the following reasons:
*For the your content viewers
*For Google and Other Seach Engines
I recently noticed that Google webmaster tool index and crawl images differently from blog content on wordpress blogs, though it is visible on wordpress it's still the same on Blogspot blogs.
They add additional meaning to your post therefore it helps search engines understand your blog the more and also your blog readers and visitors. That is helping you improve your post structure.

Therefore to prevent the SEO tricks to work against you and thereby letting you loose some percentage of your ranking power. Have you thought why Images have their own titles? Don't you think they are important? So that's it Images are important tool for your SEO optimization, don't forget!!!

Since images are useful to both Search Engines and content viewers It is important to know its major importance to the blog.
Images can for sure bring oragnic Traffic to your blog and also help you rank so high on Serch engines i.e (when fully optimized) and guess what it can also generate high CTR in image search.

Also for Tutorial blogs and Fashion Blogs, Images try to add details for your blog and explain visually what your content is really talking about.
5 Things you should know about Images
Image URL
The Alt tag
Title Tag
Number of images
Image URL

Maybe you haven't considered the importance of the image URL on your blog images. The Image URL shows the relationship between that of your Images. After your images URL have been Optimized, it becomes related to "alt and title " tags. The questuon on your mind now could be, How can I improve the Image URL of my Blog? After downloading or creating an image for your blog post, don't just upload the image without renaming the image or picture.

Wordpress and Blogger generate Image URL from the name used to save it on your PC. So then "whatever you name your picture turns out to be the URL i.e if you saved your image with the name such as "SEO Guide for Blogger" then that will be the image URL when uploaded.

This is far better than uploading images with the URL containing titles and numbers and Keywords not related to the blogpost.

Don't forget to alwars rename your images in your PC before uploading it in your Blog post.
Alt Tag
The most important tag for search engine optimization is simply the alt tag, because it's the title of the images in regards to search engines. If you don't add the alt tag in your blog images, search engines can't see any relationship between the uploaded image and your blog and that will prevent the search engines from ranking your image.

The Alt tag should not be neglected this tag because it is seriously required for you recall I earlier said it's the most important tag to search engines and you can also try to add keywords in the image.


You should try to bear this in mind while trying to write a perfect alt title.
*There must be a relationship between the post and the tag
*It must be relevant to the post
*Keywords related to your blog should be added.
Alt title is required to be important to your main Contents on your blog, search engines require some amount of relationship between your image and your blog content, therefore if your blog content isn't in anyway related to your image or contains  title contains keywords not used in your post's content, then your image will in no way add to the ranking of your post.

Thus, add the major keywords in the alt title, doing this would keep the image importance and relevance to the post by showing the relationship in that post.

The Title Tag is mainly for blog readers and visitorsthough it also adds to the improvement of your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Search engines want to be sure your images have much importance and does not contain any act to spam.
That's why I recommend you keep a closer relationship between the Title tag, Alt tag and your balog's image URL. I think you should include the same keywords.
How to write a good title tag
We all know that the Image title is basically what the blog readers and visitors see while accessing your blog and also when they down load it. Thus, writing a good one is very important and make sure you describe the image using the same keywords on the Alt tag.

That would help you stay on track with the title tag, like I keep repeating your blog content is for both Search Engines and your blog visitors and readers if you can just optimize your image for your blog audience and then care a little for your SEO.
How to set the alt and title tag in blogger
After image has been successfully uploaded on your blog content
Right click the images to edit its properties to your taste.
Click on "Properties"
Locate the field for Title Text and ALT Text.
Click OK when you are done.


This is a threat to all the above tutorials, If you copy an image from the internet the image will contain the same URL, title and alt tag with the same with the original content in another blog and therefore it will alert Search engines and thia can affect your blog's rank on Search Engines and the approval of other affiliate programes such as adsense, infolinks, and more.

After copying an image from the internet you should always make reference to the website and also include the credit properties or else you are puting your entire blog at risk and Search engines won't definitely punish you.

You could easily download free images without copyright from specific images source and prevent yourself from the copied content tag. Images can kill you and this is where it all happens.

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