How To fix Google Chrome Not Responding Issues

Have your google chrome been having responding issues? Are you finding it difficult too browse using your Google Chrome browser? Do not worry just follow the steps bellow to fix the problem and enjoy using the Browser. Google Chrome browser offers easy steps to fix things when they are not responding to the way it suppose to. Well just follow the guidelines and suggestions bellow to fix the problem on your google chrome browser.
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5 Best Easy Tricks and Guidelines To Fix Chrome Not Responding Issue.
1.Open chrome and clear cache, browsing history and cookies.
To access the setting just follow the guideline.
i. open menu (located at the top right corner)
ii. Click on more tools >Clear Browsing Data
iii. In the pop up window, check all the boxes available except the password box, Auto fill form data and media licences.
iv. Click the clear data button.

2. Clean Up Cookie.
Did you know that whenever you visit a website it leaves a small piece of data with your web browser known as cookie. It records your preferences, browsing history and other relevant information so whenever you revisit a website it is used to remember who you are and your last records. Though cookies don't consume much data but still will slow down your system after many website visits.
how to clean up cookies.
i. Open menu
ii. open settings and select show advanced settings
iii. Select the Privacy Selection > Content Settings
iv. Block third party cookies and site data

3. Disable The Extension 
Malfunction of Third Party Plugins can also start the Google Chrome not Responding Issue. Disable all Third part Extensions and try To reactivate it one after the other and then check your browser. This will be of great assistance to discover the plugin causing the problem after sporting the plugin disable it permanently.
i. Open Menu
ii. Go to more tools > Extension
iii. This will show you all installed extensions in your browser.

4. Turn Off Sand Box mode
Sand box also can cause your google Chrome browser malfunction therefore you can turn it of.

i. In desktop, Right click the Google Chrome Shortcut
ii. Select properties > Shortcut
iii. Append the string no sandbox at the end of the target field
iii. Then Click ok.

5. Scan Your System For Virus
Virus and Malware can also cause your google Chrome from performing well as expected. Make sure you scan your system with an up-to-date antivirus. 
If the above guidelines refused to work just uninstall the Google Chrome app and Install it again it will definitely start working again.

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Have you tried all the steps bellow and still need help why not leave a comment

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