Lists of Difficult Courses to Study in University Of Ibadan

Have you ever imagined the reasons parents try to force a course of study on their kids...the truth is that in Nigeria we believe that the tougher an academic field is the more relevant it is. Well here in University of Ibadan This are the List of courses students find it difficult to cope with and lecturers are not helping matters. Check it out and also leave your own suggestion at the comment session.

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1) Medicine & surgery: Medicine in UI is another story though seem easy at your first year of study later turns out to be a pin under the foot, apart from its stressful and much year of study, students find it very difficult to pass the MB exams most later find their way out of the college.
2) Law: being a law student in UI is what most of aspirants want but law is another hell in a cell, in UI students find it difficult to cope with the years and much load.
3) Engineering: the field of engineering is the field of technology, not only being a technician, you must also apply the knowledge of mathematics to your work. that is, it entails lots of calculation. it is said that there is no fine boy in engineering department because all don’t have time for that and the girls as well.

4) Economics: Economics in UI is a very hard course to pass according to students the course is a combination of mathematics, psychology, and has mush theoretical aspect. The lecturers are not helping matters as well as they seek opportunities to make the course tough.
5) Statistics: this is another discipline that is just like mathematics, statisticians apply the rule of mathematics to correct and also obtain figures, solve real life problems.
6) Chemistry: Chemistry is not an easy course in UI,  chemistry is really making students confess, courses such as CHEM 157, makes students scared of the course right from 100 level.
7) Physics with electronics :This course has the combination of both physics and electronics in it. Sounds simple but study courses like this in schools like UI and  see the result.

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Which course was not listed feel free to add...
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