Jon Snow's Title For Season 8 and Best Scenes in GOT 7 that Kept The Fans Wowed

Game Of Thrones, the movie, review and Predictions. The blog buster movie and award winning series Game of thrones has been so far, Filled with suspense, actions, thriller, mystery and above all sex scenes. Game of Throne series covered every imagination and thought that you can every comprehend as it not just tries to take us back to the ancient world of power, struggle for fame, deceit and care. Game of Thrones IMDB rating is currently 9.5 making it one of the best series of all time are you surprised? 
 The season 7 of Game of Thrones was indeed filled with scenes that made everyone so wow. Recall that Game of thrones season seven (7) was filled with scenes that kept was kept running continuously on every Game of thrones fans' lip. Lets Discuss a few Game Of Thrones Scenes that viewers tend to discuss the most. We are of course going to rank them according reactions by the series lovers and Trends.

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 Best Scenes in GOT 7 that Kept The Fans Wowed.

Game of Thrones 7 made fans and viewers in the world react with the a particular scene that comes with each episodes. Each episodes had a particular scene that either surprised or shocked the viewers in one way or the order. Today, will be ranking the scenes we figured out to have made the fans react starting from the least.

i. Execution of Lord Baelish (Little Finger): Lord Baelish popularly known as Little Finger, thought his crafty nature can get him what ever he wanted. Lord Baelish was known to have caused the troubles in the stack family, through betrayal, causing dispute, and more. He caused the death of Nerd Stack by 
plotting a Que and convincing him to be a part of it and Later revealed Nerd stacks plans to the Queen.
Also he caused the the dispute between the two sisters. He also tried to cause dispute between Sansa and Arya. 
Well, as Arya stack was ordered into the hall for the judgement to process, all taught was that that's the end of Arya Stack, it was presumed that she will be executed. As Lord Baelish was executed instead that caused a great reaction from the fans.

ii. Aryer Stack's Training with Brian Of Thar: Brian of Thar swore an oath to protect the Stack family with her life she continually sought to find Arya and Sansa Stark to make sure she won't fail the stack family. She Found Sansa in good hands as the Lady of Winter fell but continually sought for Arya on Arya's return, Brian was so glad that she could last this long after she defeated the hound and tried to rescue Arya who turned out missing.
Arya showed up one day as Podrick was undergoing Training and requested match from Brian. Brian was shocked as the First move had Arya's Sword on her throat. That also caused so much surprise from the Fans.

iii. Killing of Khalessi Dragon: 

Khalessi went on to rescue Snow with her dragons and unluckily for her one of her dragons was speared down by the knight king and that left her emotional, less powerful and at the same time added to the night King's army. The question is this who will stop the Night King and how?

As we all know that D.T holds the highest title in the epic movie Game Of Thrones, she was reffered to as the Queen of Morin, The Unburnt, Breaker of Chains, Mother Of Dragons. Recall that during Jon snow's visit to Morin, S.D tried to introduce him to the Queen, D.T, but after some minutes of Silence introduced him as Jon, not knowing the title to use. 

Jon will be our main subject of discussion, he just uploaded a picture on Instagram showing the his titles at the end of the series. Are you shocked? Its true in season 8, season finale of Game of Thrones, The King of The North will turn out to hold many titles as we predicted earlier that he will rule the Seven kingdom.

Jon Snow released titles on the upcoming season on Instagram while holding the shirt on Instagram picture. The titles were listed on the shirt and the titles goes as follows:

1.  Aegon of the House Targaryen.
2.  The seventh of His Name.
3.  The Resurrected.
4.  The King of the Andals.
5.  The Rhoynar and the First Men.
6.  Protector of the Realm.
7.  Lord of the Seven Kingdom.
8.  The White Wolf.
9.  The King in the North.
10.  The Prince that was promised.
11.  The 998th Lord Commander of the Nights Watch.
12.  The Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North.
13.  Beater of the Bastards.
14.  Friend of The Folks.

15.  Knower of Nothing.
Jon Snow's Title For Season 8 and Best Scenes in GOT 7 that Kept The Fans Wowed  Jon Snow's Title For Season 8 and  Best Scenes in GOT 7 that Kept The Fans Wowed Reviewed by Trace BaBa on October 30, 2017 Rating: 5

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