How to improve your voice in 6 steps

Hey Guys, today we will be discussing and literally practicing music. 
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We all know that singers are really special kind of musicians, inasmuch as other musicians, pianist, keyboardist, drummers, guitar players, need tools to make music, they have the music tool inside them therefore making them unique.
We will be discussing on how to care for your voice and thereby making it better and better by the day as the case may be, well there is no time for much talk lets get started.


This tips will aid you train, maintain and care for your voice therefore practicing these steps will definitely make you a better singer.

1. Be Healthy: Taking proper care of your self will help you become a better singer and therefore taking care of your self should be your number one priority. The question could be, How can I take care of my voice? It is easy? You can Follow our suggestions it will go a long way to assist your vocal training. 
i. Make sure you take at least 8 Glasses of water daily to aid the membranes that enhance sound get hydrated.
ii. While singing, when you are feeling scratchy give yourself a break
iii. When having a cold try not to sing, take tea or any hot soup and remain silent for the main time.
iv. Avoid smoking, it affects the lungs and also affecting your breathing. smokes damage your lungs and throat
v. Some food can be harmful to your voice. therefore checkout the food you eat and the adverse effect it has on your voice. some food we think include: spicy foods, coffee products, alcohol, milk products.

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2. Sing daily at least for 30 mins: Practicing is a sure way to achieve any goal music is not an exception, give yourself time to sing for at least 30mins daily but my advice will be for you to sing longer than that. While singing, it makes your vocal cord stronger and stronger and therefore letting you improve day by day.

3. Listen to your own voice: To know whether there is an improvement in the way you sing, try to record your self. This will aid you know where you need improvement and therefore making amendments.
*Use your phone, sound recorder or any recording device.
*Sing a song you know how to sing very well 
*Listen to the song again and again to find the errors you need to correct.
*Compare your recording with the original recording
*Practice on your hearing too the better you hear the higher your chance of singing better.

4. Sing songs you are comfortable singing: Don't try to sing more than you can, try to respect your limits. Also you can choose a song that is little challenging but manageable.

5. While Singing express your mood or Emotions: You have to express your mood and expression in the song you are singing.

6: Sing Quietly: Singing quietly will help you know and adapt to the note you want to. Avoid screaming and don't strain your voice.

Thanks for reading?? For questions drop comments below.
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