How to Get Free 200MB on 9Mobile for All Devices

How to receive Free 200MB on 9Mobile available on All Devices
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Hello 9moblie users I am pretty sure that some of you need free mega byte (MB) to browse and surf the internet on social platforms, search engines, blogs and other also download movies and aswell stream videos on youtube in time like this. Some of you need free browsing MB and therefore 9mobile decided to intervene and come to your aid and answer to the data crises you are going through I guess. You should still be enjoying the free Youtube offer from 9mobile and how has been your experience? We all know that this plan will favour those that are very active at night.
Guess what , you can now recieve free 200MB data from 9mobile, its was supposed to be for subscribers who download and installed their apps and register on their platform. Whether you are browsing with a mobile smartphone or computers you are can flex this free 200MB from 9mobile just follow the simple step bellow to get your own 
How to get free 200mb from 9mobile
How to get the 9mobile free 200MB Data
1. Go to the My9mobile official web page by clicking here or visit here to download the app for your smartphone
2.  Register and  then fill all the required details where provision are made.
3. After you are done with that, hit on the submit button.
4. A confirmation code will be sent on the 9mobile line used for registration.
5. Copy the confirmation code and paste it in the provided BOX on the website.
6. Submit  the process to finish the registration.

The data is usable on all devices smartphones and PC computers and laptops.
How to Check the Data Balance on 9mobile.
Dial *228# to check the data balance.
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