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Making up often turn out to be tricky as women most a times find it difficult to apply make up to their own taste and satisfaction. Most women can't do without make up and this most a times cause great delay in their work or other appointments while others hire make up artiste most a times it is expensive, but if you can learn how to make up it will ease the stress arising and I bet it you will fall in love with it. So do you want to learn how to make up? This guidelines will do the perfect job just follow and apply.

Steps to apply make up flawlessly 

1.  Prepping Your face: should I start by saying this is the most important step as because everything you have to do during make up come s to the face and therefore will determine your looks. The First step to take is to thoroughly scrub your face and keep it clean most especially the nose and the neck. If you notice sweating starts from the nose and necks in some cases washing it thoroughly will play a very vital role. You can wash your face at Night also even if there isn't any occasion that will help a lot.

2. Drying Your Face:

After prepping it is advice able to avoid wiping the face with towel instead try dabbing your face with it. Rubbing or the like should be avoided. You might want to know why, the reason is this, the more you scrub your face the rougher it becomes and maybe the older you look.

3. Primer

Most often many make up artiste will advice the use of primers. using of primer is very important and good but is very expensive. Rather than purchasing expensive primers i suggest the use of moisturizers. Primers make your face smooth and ready by absorbing the foundation and make it stay longer up to 5-6 hours. 

4. Concealer:

 This step is not really necessary only if you have dark spots on your face. They are applied where there are dark circles or any other mark on your face. Do not apply the concealer all over your face but if you have very feeble mark on your face don't worry your foundation will cover them you don't need a concealer.

5. Powder:

This is another important product used in make up. It is very important and will I say that make up is not complete without the use of powder. Some say that powder helps the foundation to last longer and prevent it from transferring. though powders suit different skin complexion in different ways. Like, for the fair if you look ghostly after applying the foundation, you can counter it with a dark powder, the reverse is the case for the dark skinned. 

6. Blush and Bronzer:

This tries to prevent your make up from being cakey, therefore applying it is very important. The blush tries to make your skin look as though it has a natural flow of blood and the bronzer prevents your skin from appearing too fair. The blush should be applied on the apple of your cheek and the bronzer on the along your cheek bone.

7.  Setting Spray :

 It will enable your make up remain perfect and adorable throughout the day and therefore it could be added to your tools though it is not compulsory.

8. Foundation :

This is probably the most needed product for a flawless make up. make sure you choose the one that suits your skin, thus for dry skin go for the liquid foundation and the powdered foundation for sticky or liquid skin. Do note that not because a product worked well for your friend it must do the same to you. Just try to know the perfect one for your skin through practice and usage. The foundation has to blend with color of your skin.

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